Attestation Services

At this time, the Firm does not perform attestation services such as audits and reviews of financial statements.  We do offer audit preparation and consultation services to help companies prepare for a third-party audit.  Although we do not provide audit services at this time, the Firm has members with audit experience.  That background allows us to use our knowledge to help client prepare for a smooth and efficient audit.

IRS Negotiations and Examinations

Dealing with IRS problems, specifically back taxes, has become a focus for the Firm over the last several years.  While it is sometimes possible to reduce or eliminate back taxes, we normally counsel our clients and work with the IRS to set up an economically feasible plan that will prevent or eliminate tax levies and liens. 

The Firm's services and counseling can also be a significant advantage in dealing with IRS audits and requests for additional information. As the number of correspondence audits (letters requesting additional documentation or verification) has increased, many companies and individuals don't even realize they are being audited.  Knowing the root of what the IRS is trying to accomplish with their requests is invaluable when responding to them.   

Income Tax Preparation and Consultation

The Firm works with individuals, corporation, partnerships, and not-for-profit organizations in a vast array of industries.  We work with clients to apply the current tax laws to reduce taxes as much as possible on current year filings, as well as help them plan and make decisions that will help with the tax burdens of future years.  We also consult with our clients regarding retirement and estate planning.

Special Projects

The Firm frequently encounters companies and individuals that need help with all or a part of projects that fall outside of what most people consider tax and bookkeeping issues.  Our services have been used to review records for potential mergers and acquisitions, prepare/analyze amortization schedules for seller financed properties, organize/summarize financial records for lawsuits, etc.  Simply put, if it has to do with numbers, we can probably help you with it. 


Small Business Services

Small business services are a significant portion of the Firm.  We work with sole proprietorships all the way to multi-million dollar organizations that have multiple in-house bookkeepers.  While our clients with larger businesses rely on us mostly for complied financial statements and planning services, a significant number of our clients need to stay focused on their businesses and use the Firm for the following services:

- Consultation regarding business structure

- Monthly/Quarterly/Annual compiled financial statements

- General consultation for bookkeeping issues and training

- Detail bookkeeping and bank reconciliations

- Payroll services (processing payroll checks and tax payments, all filing requirements)

- State Sales/Use/Liquor tax reporting